Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The husband who saved pajama day and other fine stories

I am in need of organization. And that's no joke.
I feel like a manic squirrel.
Sleep, get up and run, get the breakfast, get dressed, drop off at camp, drop off preschool, check the blackberry, get to work and then, Go!
I thought I could alleviate my mania by getting up every other day to run at 5:30 a.m.
Turns out a morning run won't solve the fact that #1 can't find socks because I didn't fold the laundry given I had to go to bed too early so I could run and #2 doesn't want to wear striped underwear.
Some people have an easier time letting these things go. I was never blessed with that skill.
I hold on. I obsess.
Pajama Day at preschool almost threw me over the edge.
Imagine the horror. The only jammies left in the drawer were long sleeve flannels. It was going to be 92 and humid.
 I run downstairs. No short set in the dryer.
Time is ticking.
I have less than 30 minutes to dry my hair, get the kids breakfast and get out the door.
Mayday, Mayday!
I call my husband.
Like a slightly annoyed knight in shining armor who has no preference for matching sleepwear whatsoever, he offers to run to Target to get the PJ short set while I take #1 to camp.
I love this guy!
He must love me too.
This follow-up success pic came to me at work.